Elmendorf AFB Movers

Moving to or from a United States Air Force Base is no small undertaking – luckily, our Air Van Moving’s Elmendorf AFB movers are here to facilitate your smooth transfer. Our military-approved moving and storage company pairs each client with a trained and experienced moving specialist who will present you with our military moving options – which include amenities like long-term or short-term storage service, assembly/disassembly service and online shipment tracking for long-distance moves – and help you create a moving plan that suits your and your family’s needs and budgets. Then, our Anchorage packers and movers will quickly and efficiently execute your move – we understand the need for speed and precision during a military move.

Air Van Moving’s Elmendorf AFB movers offer:

Residential Moving: We perform local, long-distance and international residential relocations. We can also provide specialized transportation services for your family’s expensive items.

Storage: Our company offers both long-term and short-term storage in our warehouse facilities. We are equipped to receive and house your commercial product.

Commercial Movers: We perform office moving, military moving, employee relocation, crating and commercial distribution/fulfillment services for every type of business.

Specialized Transportation: Our Elmendorf AFB movers will develop and implement a moving plan for the transport of your delicate or expensive goods.

Air Van Moving can guarantee your simple and stress-free military relocation. Please contact us today for more information on our Elemendorf AFB Movers – or our Anchorage movers and Anchorage Metropolitan Area moving services. Our trained packers and movers are ready to quickly and simply execute your military relocation.


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