Kirkland Specialized Transportation

You only need one company for the packing and transportation of everything from home entertainment systems to museum exhibits – Air Van Moving. We’re the largest moving company in the Northwest and we own over 400,000 square feet of storage space throughout a four-state region. Our Kirkland specialized transportation company is a network partner of Specialized Transportation Inc. (STI), and our status as Kirkland STI movers enhances our reputation and gives our customers added peace of mind. We perform standard commercial and residential specialized relocation operations and are also equipped to act as a distribution network or outsource provider for our clients.

Our Kirkland moving and transportation company also offers our customers an especially useful tracking tool. Each client is given access to a web-based inventory management system which allows them to track and view their inventory and communicate pickup and delivery specifications with our staff.

Air Van Moving’s Kirkland specialized transportation service offers:

  • Comprehensive Local and Worldwide Coverage
  • Customized Client Focus Including Vehicle and Technology Solutions
  • Over 40 Years of Special Transportation Experience
  • Straight Trucks with Lift Gates
  • Flat Bed, Padded and Crane Fleets
  • Global Inventory Management
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Service Parts Management
  • Supply Chain Management

We also perform:

  • First/Final Mile Warehouse Receipt/Delivery
  • First/Final Mile Pick-Up and Delivery
  • Returns Held For Pick-Up
  • Returns Shipped Interstate Back To Origin
  • Warehousing/Inventory Services
  • Deluxing of Product

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